Home remedies for genital warts

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Genital warts are caused by the HPV virus and are transmitted through sexual intercourse when one comes into contact with a person infected with the virus. They can occur as a single pimple or as a cluster of pimples and they occur around the penis, scrotum, and vagina.

There are several home remedies for genital warts that have been found to reduce the size of the warts and when used for long periods of time they can cure genital warts. The first step you should take to eliminate genital warts is to increase your consumption of foods with anti-fungal properties.

Consumption of large amounts of garlic has been found to eliminate genital warts. Also an increased consumption of fruits and fruit juices helps in getting rid of existing warts and preventing the formation of new ones. At the same time you should avoid consumption of nuts, dairy products, cereals, beer, and coffee since they increase the probability of genital warts breakout.

Application of Vitamin E oil on the affected area also produces speedy results. Vitamin E oil eliminates the warts and also prevents the infection from spreading to the rest of the areas. For best results, you should wash the affected area with Vitamin E oil twice a day. Apple cider is also effective in eliminating genital warts. Dab a cotton ball in apple cider and use it to wipe the warts.

You can also apply fresh aloe Vera juice on the warts to get rid of them. Get some fresh aloe Vera leaves and scrape out the juice and apply it on the warts. Applying some onion juice on the warts also helps, you should cut an onion into small pieces and soak them overnight in a salt solution, apply this juice on the warts in the morning using a cotton ball. For best results tie some onion pieces wrapped in cotton wool and place it on the warts and use a bandage to hold it in place. The dressing should be changed twice a day and left in place overnight for maximum results. Application of crushed garlic on the affected area also acts as a remedy for genital warts with speedy results

You can also rub some banana peels on the warts and bandage some banana peels on the affected area. Pineapple and papaya are also very effective in getting rid of genital warts as they contain enzymes that are very effective in curing genital warts. You should cut them into small pieces and apply on the warts, using a bandage to hold them in place on the affected area will give help cure the warts faster. The dressing should be changed twice daily for maximum effect.

Another home remedy for genital warts is applying the milky juice of dandelion plant on the warts several times a day. Castor oil is also an effective genital warts remedy, for best results apply on the warts twice a day. Castor oil is a bit slow in acting and requires that you be patient when using since it may take some weeks before you notice results.